Advocacy For Better Health Project

The USAID Advocacy for Better Health Project is a five-year project implemented by PATH in collaboration with Initiatives Inc. (Initiatives), with a goal to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health services in 35 target districts of Uganda. The purpose of the project is to increase the citizens’ voice for quality service delivery.

The project is designed to directly contribute to the USAID Health, HIV, and Education (HHE) Office’s Development Objective (DO) of improved health and nutrition status in focus areas and population groups and to enhance an enabling environment for health care. To contribute towards achieving its overarching goal, the project will work towards the following results:
1. Citizens demand improved quality services
2. CSOs effectively advocate for issues of citizens’ concern in the health and social sectors
3. Institutional capacity of CSOs strengthened

The USAID Advocacy for Better Health project through Straight talk Foundation is being implemented in the 3 districts of Bugiri, Busia and Namutumba. The project is designed to work in all the sub counties in Bugiri, Busia and Namutumba districts. STF is working  with CSOs/CBOs/Groups, media and community advocacy champions as well as change agents that have been identified to work with.

Key Thematic areas: The project will be focusing on seven key thematic areas as appropriate in specific districts.

• Nutrition
• TB
• Sexual and Reproductive Health, and family planning
• Malaria

The USAID Advocacy for Better Health project is grounded in the beliefs that IF citizens’ knowledge and awareness of their rights and responsibilities were increased (stimulate collective consciousness); and IF the capacity of CSOs was built to effectively mobilize and empower communities, THEN, citizens would believe and have confidence that they can hold their leaders accountable and influence them to change health and social policies in their favor. This empowerment and confidence would motivate citizens to get organized; reach consensus on their priorities and plans of action; and demand for better health and social services from their leaders/decision makers (duty bearers). The persistent collective voice and actions from citizens and CSOs would compel decision makers to respond by changing the necessary policies and taking other actions that lead to improvements in the accessibility, availability and quality of health and social services.                                                      

                                                    Where Everyone is Accountable, Everyone Wins

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