Kitgum Youth Centre

Samson Lokoni Road
East Ward A Quarters
Kitgum Town Council
P.O. Box 232 Kitgum, Uganda
Tel: 0471-439680

Gulu Youth Centre

Plot 1, Peter Paul Opok Road
(East of Bomah Hostel and North of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital)
P.O.Box 752, Gulu, Uganda
Tel: 0392-002128

Nwoya Youth Centre

Nwoya C1 Pakwach Road
Opposite Anaka Hospital
Nwoya District Uganda
Tel: 0392-612604/ 0772351234

Bugiri Youth Center

Mwondha Road, Mukuba Cell, Nkusi Ward
Bugiri Town Council
Tel: 0392-178744

Moroto Youth Centre

PIAN road Plot63, Maana Male
P.O. Box 147, Moroto Uganda
Tel: 0392-280648

Creating a healthy community for every child everywhere is our purpose.

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