The Straight Talk Foundation has been in existence since 1993 and has consistently served numerous generations of young people in Uganda.Since it was established, the organization has dedicated its efforts to leading and supporting initiatives to provide young people in Uganda with much-wanted services and information to transition safely into adulthood. The model adopted by the Straight Talk Foundation placeschildren and young people at the core of our work. We further ensure that we meaningfully involve them in the development and execution of our programs countrywide by working through structures owned and led by them.Straight Talk Foundation (STF) remains committed to continually enhancing its footprint work with key stakeholders and partners to break barriers to HIV prevention and expand access to SRH services and quality SRH information for the young people in thiscountry.We take pride in Straight Talk Foundation’s achievements and the reputation that we have earned within around the country. But – taking pride in whom we are and what we do does not mean that we can sit back and rest on our laurels. We continuously evaluate and re-evaluate what we do, how we do those things, and why we do them. We are also continually scanning the environment within which staff work to ensure that we are responsive to their needs and expectations.Since establishment , the Straight Talk Foundation has helped hundreds of thousands of people with a range of services, from adolescent health , education, livelihoods, media, to mention but a few. Each year we serve over 10,000,000 individuals, and while we provide a wide range ofopportunities and platforms for young people to access services and information.It is my privilege to work with an amazing staff and a dedicated Board of Directors. We are all deeply committed to the Straight Talk Foundation Mission, and we work each day with a renewed dedication.  We thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Foundation and invite you to join us in achieving our goal!Sincerely,

Creating a healthy community for every child everywhere is our purpose.

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