Livelihoods and Environment

The livelihood and environment component provides a link to population, health and environment sector within which STF works. It aims to improve rural livelihoods, environment assets and build resilience towards the impact of climate change.

These are delivered through Tree Talk and Farm Talk. To date 9.5 million trees have been planted in addition to building the capacities of teachers and communities in climate change adaptation and integration of growing trees, agricultural crops and climate change issues into school plans.

Schools have been supported to set up gardens and woodlots that are managed by the Young Farmers clubs in eight districts of Northern Uganda. This is augmented by Tree Talk (produced twice a year) and Farm Talk (produced three times a year) newspapers.

The Livelihoods and environment department is currently implementing two projects:

1. The Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM) Project funded by the Royal Danish Embassy in Kampala
2. Restoration of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes of tobacco growing communities of Lango sub-region, funded by British American Tobacco and jointly implemented together with Nature Uganda and the Tropical Biology Association.