• Commemorating 25 Years of Innovative Quality Service Delivery.
    Commemorating 25 Years of Innovative Quality Service Delivery.

    2018 is very a special year as we commemorate our Silver Jubilee. In 25 years of its existence, the STF has made outstanding contributions to improving the health and well being of young people in Uganda.

  • Addressing diverse health and development through Mass Media
    Addressing diverse health and development through Mass Media

    The mass media component addresses diverse health and development themes packaged to address the diverse needs of STF audiences. Mass media products include Radio, Young Talk newspaper, Straight Talk newspaper, Braille publications for Young Talk and Straight Talk and Ugandan Language Straight Talk.

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  • Livelihoods and Environment
    Livelihoods and Environment

    The livelihood and environment component provides a link to population, health environment within which STF works. It aims at improving rural livelihoods, environment assets and build resilience towards the impact of climate change. Interventions are delivered through the Tree Talk Newspaper, trainings, radio programs and seedling distribution.

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  • Community outreach, sexual and reproductive health
    Community outreach, sexual and reproductive health

    We use our unique and long-standing experience in community outreach, sexual and reproductive health, local capacity development, and gender activities to contribute to HIV programming for diverse target audiences.

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  • Helping the girl child achieve much more independently
    Helping the girl child achieve much more independently

    Improving the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of young people through advocacy, evidence driven communication initiatives and the provision of youth friendly services.

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The primary target audience of Straight Talk Foundation is young people 10-24 years; while teachers and parents are targeted as a secondary audience.

Straight Talk Foundation (STF) is an indigenous communication for development not for profit organization with invaluable experience in the design and management of health and development communications programs. It started as a Unicef-funded newspaper, Straight Talk, in 1993 and acquired NGO status in 1997.

Empowering Lives of Young People

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Staying at home during normal school holidays is manageable. But staying at home during lockdown is a whole new thing to young people. Visiting friends or even receiving visitors is totally forbidden due to travel bans and social distancing. The diet at home is not very colourful, and chores have become boring. TV is not as exciting as everyone is at home and there is competition. Reading books does not make sense as we do not know when school will reopen. All these and more can make life dull and meaningless, but there are many ways to make it better.

Look out for new ways of coping during this lockdown.


I give credit to Straight Talk Foundation for modeling me. While at Straight Talk I learnt to be a critical thinker, a good listener and an excellent communicator. My Leadership skills were even recognized by Archbishop Desmond Tutu when I won the Prestigious Africa Leaders Award in 2011.
By Victor Ochen - Director of African Youth Initiative Network.