It has now become a convention in Uganda today to decry the degeneration of morals, especially among the young generation. This outcry comes from the moral guardians of society, especially politicians and religious or faith leaders. One can add groups of other people, not excluding taxi vendors who apply morality selectively.

What Role Models are Ugandan Youth Looking up to TodayThe politicians might have come more to the fore in the moral campaign because of the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, which did not exist in previous governments, and so morality has been given a high profile.

While one may not wish to single out names, it is impossible not to note the posture of former Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr James Nsaba Buturo in the morality campaign on account of his many articles in the press on the subject.

However, there are other politicians who have put their signatures to the resolve to turn societal morals around in the new era of politicians-cum-preachers and vice versa.

The alleged degeneration of morality among the youth is regarded as so self-evident as to require no further argument or definition. This article sets out to question preciously that conclusion, not as a cynical or dismissive stance, but in order to try to understand what the supposed moral degeneration might be and how it might be addressed.