Our Approach

STF’s approach to work with young people focuses on addressing HIV prevention, sexuality, livelihoods and environment and various development issues. STF focus is broad because HIV prevention is intertwined with multiple crises facing young people in Uganda. As such STF programs are delivered through various approaches that include:

Provision of information: Behaviour change communication forms a large component of STF work; this is delivered through social media(Including SMS), mass media, interpersonal communication to diverse audiences that STF targets. This aspect of STF work aims to promote positive behaviour through the use of innovative communication approaches in addressing diverse health and development issues in Uganda.

Youth friendly service delivery: These are practical facilities that bring services closer to young people. To date, STF operates five youth centers that provide youth friendly spaces offering diverse Sexual and Reproductive Health services. The STF youth centers have been prominent in northern Uganda.

Community engagement: STF interfaces with various sections of communities in the delivery of its programs. STF work with them entails advocacy with local government leaders, cultural and religious leaders. Members of communities who include parents, teachers and caregivers of young people are also targeted through such engagements.

Partnerships and collaboration: STF collaborates with several partners drawn from government and civil society. The work of such partners augment STF efforts country wide through leveraging of resources; joint implementation of program activities and monitoring. To date, STF enjoys thriving relations with over 2000 civil society organizations in Uganda.