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By Michael Odeng   With many youths having unprotected sex and fearing to bear children, most of them resort to abortion a thing which has stretched government’s budget to about sh39b. Straight Talk Foundation Limited Executive Director, Susan Ajok said that government spends about US$14m (about 39b) annually on treating complications related to unsafe abortion […]

By EMMANUEL AINEBYOONA Kampala- A new report on the state of the world population has recommended that the youth need to acquire relevant knowledge and skills if developing countries like Uganda are to benefit from them for social and economic progress. The youth population in the country accounts for more than 78 per cent of […]

It has now become a convention in Uganda today to decry the degeneration of morals, especially among the young generation. This outcry comes from the moral guardians of society, especially politicians and religious or faith leaders. One can add groups of other people, not excluding taxi vendors who apply morality selectively. The politicians might have […]